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Youthful skin & beauty is for everyone,
not just for hollywood

the beauty of luminous even-toned skin

The beauty of luminous even-toned skin A beautiful, radiant, even skin tone is an important part of feeling confident about the way we look and feel. Elure can give you an exceptionally luminous skin tone.

MelanozymeTm is a patented a unique scientifically
discovery of a naturally occurring radiance for
healthier, brighter and younger looking skin.

Elure ( contains MelanozymeTm) is the first Advanced Skin
Lightening technology based on patented version of naturally
occurring enzyme lignin peroxidase.

Elure is a product of the year by msnbc Todays Show and featured
on ABC, Dr. Oz and other heath channels.

How does it work?

Uneven or darkened skin can affect most people and usually the result of too much melanin in the skin. Elure skin products are all based on a naturally occurring enzyme which temporarily reduces melanin, the dark colored pigment in the skin. This enzyme is enabled by an advanced formula creating a powerful and fast acting melanin vanishing substance. The active substance MelanozymeTM,is combined with an Activator that initiates the enzymatic process in order to diminish the dark colored pigment in the skin. You apply the MelanozymeTM, on your face followed by the Activator in order to reduce the appearance of dark colored pigment in your skin.

As seen on the Dr. Oz Show. Visit hellorx.com and discover why the Today Show
calls elure a "revolutionary
beauty product"

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