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Olive Oil

Naturally Good

In 2010 studies, University of California at Davis and Australian researcher found that
73% bottles sold in USA failed to meet Olive Council Standards for "extra virgin".
The above study make HelloRx.com to look for resources using USA lab results in
testing for "Extra Virgin"quality with appealable flavor, organic authenticity, max
polyphenolic value: 350-410 and least acidity: 0.05-0.1 oxidized Olieic fatty acid or
free fatty acid 0.05-0.1% (International Standard 0.8%), Antioxidants are found in
polyphenols 222 mg caffeic acid/kg oil.

We found that Berkeley Olive Grove from Berkley, California has above quality.
The beneficial health effects of olive oil are due to both its high content of
monounsaturated fatty acids and its high content of antioxidative substances.
Studies have shown that olive oil offers protection against heart disease by
controlling LDL ("bad") cholesterol levels while raising HDL (the "good" cholesterol)
levels. No other naturally produced oil has as large an amount of monounsaturated
as olive oil -mainly oleic acid.

Why the Prez likes it:

"I trust USA products and USA test
results. Berkley Extra Virgin Oil I carry
with me and use on my salads as
dressing.The product is seasonal and
available till quantity last."